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Delight Mobile prepaid top-up

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The top-up code will be delivered by E-mail and SMS (option), please follow the instructions in the E-mail to top-up your phone.

  • Delight Mobile Data

Delight Mobile Data

  • Call to *2109# and receive 750 MB data. Expires after 15 days. € 5,-
  • Call to *2107# and receive 2 GB data. Expires after 30 days. € 10,-
  • Call to *2144# and receive 4 GB data. Expires after 30 days. € 15,-
  • Call to *2053# and receive 10 GB data. Expires after 30 days. € 25,-

After calling one of the numbers above, the amount will be debited automatically from your credit. This is then added as data credit. By exceeding your data plan, you pay the normal rates of Delight Mobile. The credit can only be renewed at the end of the chosen period.

How to recharge your Delight Mobile data

In the Netherlands, you can recharge your Delight in two ways:

  1. If you want to recharge Delight with a code you call to the service number 1244, follow the voice prompts and enter your code, followed by #.
  2. Or type * 191 * on your phone, followed by the top-up, ending with a #.

Do you want to know how much Delight Mobile credit you have left?

Please call *2102#

Do you want to unsubscribe?

Please call *2103#

Note: It is not possible to use the bundles of Delight Mobile on Blackberry phones.



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