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Lebara prepaid top-up

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The top-up code will be delivered by E-mail and SMS (option), please follow the instructions in the E-mail to top-up your phone.

Offers Double your Lebara credit

Do you want to get extra Lebara credit? Every time you buy a code the credit will be doubled. This means:

• €5 = €10
• €10 = €20
• €20 = €40

This offer does not apply for Lebara One and Lebara Unlimited. The end date is not yet known.

Offers Lebara Unlimited & Unlimited Light Data Offer

In need of extra GB’s? If you buy a Lebara Unlimited bundle or a Lebara Unlimited Light bundle you will get more internet! This means:

• Lebara Unlimited – Temporary 2GB extra – 3GB totaal
• Lebara Unlimited Light – Temporary 1GB extra

The end date is the 1st of April in 2017

Info Lebara Unlimited & Lebara Unlimited Light

Info Lebara One



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Zora Tijsma
Mijn beltegoed was op en ik was niet in de gelegenheid om meteen naar een winkel te gaan.
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