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  • Nintendo eShop funds €15


  • Nintendo eShop funds €25


  • Nintendo eShop funds €50


Redeemable on a European version of:

• Wii
• Wii U
• Nintendo 3DS (XL)
• Nintendo 2DS
• New Nintendo 3DS (XL)

Redeemable in Europe

Conditions for use

To use the code, you must have access to a wireless internet connection and accept the network-related terms and privacy policies. You may also be required to create or link a Nintendo Network ID.

Restrictions on use

This card/code:* can only be redeemed once at its full value, for the same currency as used to purchase the code.


* cannot be resold, exchanged, refunded or otherwise redeemed for cash.
* will not be replaced by Nintendo or retailer if lost, stolen or otherwise used.

How to use

How to use the code: Select in the relevant shopping service: ADD Wii POINTS or ADD FUNDS and follow the on-screen instructions.

Issued by Nintendo of Europe GmbH.
©2017 Nintendo Co., Ltd.



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