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Top up everywhere within a few minutes
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Telfort prepaid top-up

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Prepaid Top-up code

The top-up code will be delivered by E-mail and SMS (option), please follow the instructions in the E-mail to top-up your phone.

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More about Telfort

General information, product information, top-up-instructions and information about the validity of the products.

Top-up instructions

Telfort refill instructions

Follow the steps below in order to refill your Telfort calling credit:

  1. Call the service number 1244 (free)
  2. Follow the steps in the voice menu
  3. When prompted type in your refill code, and end with a # (hash sign)

Your Telfort calling credit has been refilled!

Note: If you type your code wrongly three times, you are not allowed to refill for 24 hours.

Validity of the products
Telfort prepaid is valid indefinitely when you top-up Telfort prepaid once every 6 months. When there has not been a top-up within 6 months, Telfort will freeze the phone number. The phone number can be unfrozen by doing a Telfort prepaid top-up within 3 months after it is frozen. After this period the phone number will be removed and you can no longer use the Telfort services.

Telfort Prepaid App

Nu nog makkelijker je Telfort beltegoed opwaarderen met de Telfort Prepaid App.

Download de Telfort Prepaid app in:


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