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My (prepaid) code doesn’t work

We’re sorry to hear that your code doesn’t work. All our codes are unused and provided to us by the mobile provider. Common reasons why topping up does not work or the code does not seem to work are:

  • The code is entered incorrectly, please try again.
  • The prepaid platform or the call-in number (top-up line) or the mobile operator are temporarily out of order. This is usually remedied within a few hours. So, try again later.
  • The code that was purchased is not from the provider you are trying to upgrade. Please check that you are using a SIM card from the same provider for which you have purchased the prepaid credit.

If you still have problems upgrading the code after checking the above, we advise you to contact your provider customer service. Your provider can check in the network what is going on with the code and top up your calling credit from a distance.

Information about handing in gift card and entertainment codes can be found on the specific page of that product. If you are unable to exchange the code for your credit, please contact us via the contact form.

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We are sorry to hear this answer did not help you. To help you further, you can contact our customer service by filling in the contact form or you can call us.